Who we are

Robyn Colia-Fletcher

Head of Brand

AGE: You should know better than to ask.

HOBBIES: I have to admit I have a real passion for fashion, so popping to a fashion show or two is always fab. I do also LOVE watching a spot of Polo it does A LOT for me, something about the horses. Oh and I ride whenever I can.

I want to get out on the streets because I want everyone to understand that we have a proper Arms Industry in place that protects and defends us, do you know what I mean? I also want to thank and educate the people of the incredible contribution that they have made to making our industry as great as it is.

Rex Henderson

Operations Director

AGE: However old you want me to be.

HOBBIES: I LOVE shooting. I really enjoy the feel of a double barrel shot-gun thrusting against my shoulders as I take out an innocent rabbit.

You see the problem is, so many people feel embarrassed about what we do but frankly I don’t feel embarrassed for a minute. We are adding to the country’s economy, we are job creators, we are providing security to the average Joe & Joanne and their little babes – that’s what we do and I for one feel very proud about that & am keen to share it with the people.

Zac Z

Social Media Manager

AGE: Old enough. I promise…

HOBBIES: Tiddlywinks, Dressage, Boules and a good ol’ game of pool with a few chums.

I’m very proud and excited to be working for the British Arms Trade. For a long time the Arms Industry hasn’t felt relevant, I think it needs a bit of youthful currency & I’m here to deliver just that with some of my social media savviness.